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Concept art of Kat-B320, who lost her right arm during an operation which has been replaced by a robotic prosthetic.[1]

An artificial limb is a type of prosthesis that replaces a missing extremity, such as arms or legs. The type of artificial limb used is determined largely by the extent of an amputation or loss and location of the missing extremity. Artificial limbs may be needed for a variety of reasons where a body part is either missing from the body or is too damaged to be repaired, including disease, accidents, and congenital defects. A congenital defect can create the need for an artificial limb when a person is born with a missing or damaged limb. Prosthetics are however not needed in the event of an accident where only the nerves were damaged and not the extremities.

In the Halo universeEdit

There have been four known users of prosthetic limbs in the Halo Universe: Captain Ponder,[2] Eddie Underwood,[3] Catherine-B320[4] and De Guzman.[5] Unlike Kat's prosthetic arm which was permanent, Captain Ponder's was removable, consisting of titanium joints to replace fingers and a carbon-fiber weave of forearm "musculature."[6][7] This sometimes made shooting difficult for the Captain. Eddie Underwood's prosthetic arm was said to be "fake pink," likely to mimic the color of human skin.[3]

According to SSgt Avery Johnson, it was unusual for an active duty soldier to not have a permanent prosthetic.[6]


  • A fully robotic arm, such as the one worn by Kat-B320, is much stronger than the original flesh and blood arm. It also is not receptive of acidification so the arm can be used in different ways than the arm normally could.
  • During gameplay, if a player attempts to shoot another player with a prosthetic arm, blood will appear is if it were a real arm. This is most likely a graphical oversight.



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