...With coordinated fire from the Athens and the Malta, nothing's getting past this battle cluster in one piece.

Athens Station (HCS: ODA-144)[citation needed] was a UNSC Orbital Defense Platform in geosynchronous orbit above Earth. It was in the same battle cluster as both Cairo Station and Malta Station.[4]

Operational HistoryEdit

During the Battle of Earth, the Athens was destroyed right after the Malta and in the same fashion: Covenant boarders placed a Antimatter charge on the station and then withdrew prior to its detonation. This of course led the human forces on board to believe they had beaten the Covenant back.[4]

After both Athens and Malta were destroyed, the Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier broke through the orbital defenses to the surface of Earth.[4]




Athens Station features hangars that were designed to house D82-EST Darter and maintenance drones.[1]



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