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Audacity was a Forerunner vessel used by The Librarian and four other Forerunners to explore Path Kethona, also known as the Large Magellanic Cloud, to search for the possible origins of the Flood. The ship was also used during the later stages of the Forerunner-Flood war as the Librarian's personal transport.

The Librarian would later use this vessel to pursue the Ur-Didact to Requiem after the Ur-Didact took advantage of the confusion caused by the Flood assault on the Greater Ark and composed a number of the few remaining human survivors of the Librarian's Conservation Measure.

The Librarian theorized that the ship was capable of instant slip-space travel but decided that doing so would cause too much damage to space-time.[1]



  1. Halo: Silentium – page 51. "Audacity paused before its next jump, giving those external feelers, those entangled ray-traces, a chance to adjust to our intrusion. To reconcile. We had all heard stories of bold journeys ending badly. Space-time, we've been reliably informed, forms something like a bruise or clot around ships that consistently outrace their own reality. We were certainly in that category. We dared not even attempt to communicate our success-that might have tipped the scales. For that and other reasons, objectively-within our frame-the journey would take far longer than one might think, considering our jumps could in theory have been instantaneous. We were at the mercy of healing space-time."

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