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“And we are now under attack across the Viery territory, including Orbital Defenses. As per the Winter Contingency, we are countering on every front.”
— Auntie Dot

Auntie Dot, also known simply as Dot, was a UNSC "Dumb" AI construct at the time of the Fall of Reach.[3][4] She monitored and assisted Noble Team during the battle and kept the team's members connected while they were embarking on separate missions. She observed the team through security cameras and satellites over Reach.

Rather than personifying herself in the form of a humanoid avatar, Dot's personal representation is a grid of glowing, constantly changing blue lights. She typically speaks in a calm, dry, and articulate voice with a British accent.


  • Dot's voice can be purchased as a Firefight voice in Halo: Reach for 15,000cR.
  • Dot's grid is displayed as Halo: Reach's loading screen.
  • At the end of Halo: Reach, just before the screen fades to black, Dot's grid displays a seven.



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