“And we are now under attack across the Viery territory, including Orbital Defenses. As per the Winter Contingency, we are countering on every front.”
— Auntie Dot

Auntie Dot was a UNSC "Dumb" AI construct at the time of the Fall of Reach.[2][3] She monitored and assisted Noble Team during the battle, and kept the team's members connected while they were embarking on separate missions. She observed the team through security cameras and satellites over Reach, but her actual location during the battle is unknown. She was most likely inside of an underground cave or inside of a significant ONI building like Sword Base. Similarly, it is not known if Dot survived the Fall of Reach, nor what her activities after it were if she did.

Rather than personifying herself in the form of a humanoid avatar, Dot's personal representation is a grid of glowing, constantly changing blue lights. During the Battle of Reach, this grid was key to the UNSC to see the areas the Covenant were advancing from.

Auntie Dot typically speaks in a calm, dry, articulate voice, displaying little emotion compared to AIs like Cortana. She has a distinct British accent.


  • She was voiced by Carole Ruggler.[4]
  • Auntie Dot's voice can be purchased as a Firefight voice in Halo: Reach for 15,000 credits.
  • Auntie Dot's grid is displayed as Halo: Reach's loading screen.
  • One of Auntie Dot's loading screen images could be a reference to the Superintendent AI, as it appears to be a circle-like shape with two eyes in the center.
  • Dot's grid accompanies the credits sequence to Reach, and at the very end, just before it fades completely into darkness, it displays a Seven.
  • Dot's grid resembles a flat version of the spherical Forerunner Consoles seen in Halo Wars, minus the Forerunner symbols.
  • Despite being a Dumb AI,[1] she does exhibit some traits, such as emotion, of Smart AIs. Examples include: when she expresses concern for Jorge as he watches Sword Base as it is glassed and tries to console him, when she makes a quick remark to Emile when he criticizes the coordinates she sent Noble Team, and when she clearly expresses alarm at Carter's refusal to acknowledge her hails when she detects that he is badly injured.
  • She never mentions any Noble Team member's name, always referring to them by their Team number, Spartan designation, or rank. Also, she never talks to Noble Six directly.
  • Occasionally while she is talking, a map is shown, with a grid similar to hers displayed over it. However, each square is much smaller, resulting an many more being able to fit on the map. There is always some sort of movement on the map, such as a pelican flying. Whatever square the movement is in is highlighted, implying that Auntie Dot is tracking Noble Team.

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