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Auto-Aim is a feature found in the Halo First-person shooters. It makes it easier for a player to target an opponent, shifting their focus from aiming to movement and strategy. Unlike other FPS games, Halo's Auto-Aim simply makes it easier to hit a target, rather than completely locking on to a target.

Aim Assist[]

Halo's aim assist system consists of two parts: Auto-Aim and Magnetism.

Magnetism shifts the projectile trajectories towards a target. This is indicated by a red reticle. In Halo 1, the Auto-Aim system was very simple, as projectiles to traject toward the nearest part of an enemy. In Halo 2 onwards, the Auto-Aim system was enhanced to prioritize headshots. This made Face painting in Halo 2 onwards much easier. If a projectile's hitscan range is less than the auto-aim range, shot leading will be required, ALA Halo 3's Battle Rifle and Halo 1's Pistol, and many other weapons in the sandbox of these two titles.

Auto-Aim causes the player's camera to move with an enemy, slowing the look speed and dragging the player's look with an enemy's movement. Magnetism is only in effect while the player is in movement, or while the player is moving their aim. If the player is at a complete standstill with no look/movement input, they will not experience magnetism. This value is often larger than the Auto-Aim value, causing the player's movement to begin shifting before Auto-Aim is in effect; an exception to this rule would be an un-scoped Halo 3 Sniper Rifle, which will have a red reticle but no magnetism when pointed at an enemy.


Note that range calculations are rough, and are based on the fact that Spartans and Elites are seven feet tall.

Attribute Sentinel Beam M6C Needler Plasma Pistol Battle rifle Beam rifle Covenant carbine Plasma Rifle Shotgun SMG Sniper rRifle Rocket launcher Brute Shot
Magnetism 16° 12° 10°
Auto-Aim Range 109.2 feet (ca. 33 m) 109.2 feet (ca. 33 m) 182 feet (ca. 55 m) 109.2 feet (ca. 33 m) 154.7 feet (ca. 47 m) 91 feet (ca. 28 m) 154.7 feet (ca. 47 m) 109.2 feet (ca. 33 m) 54.6 feet (ca. 17 m) 109.2 feet (ca. 33 m) 273 feet (ca. 83 m) 409.5 feet (0.12 km) 136.5 feet (ca. 42 m)
Magnetism Range 163.8 feet (ca. 50 m) 145.6 feet (ca. 44 m) 182 feet (ca. 55 m) 145.6 feet (ca. 44 m) 191.1 feet (ca. 58 m) 127.4 feet (ca. 39 m) 191.1 feet (ca. 58 m) 163.8 feet (ca. 50 m) 54.6 feet (ca. 17 m) 163.8 feet (ca. 50 m) 127.4 feet (ca. 39 m) 227.5 feet (ca. 69 m) 227.5 feet (ca. 69 m)

These statistics may be obsolete. There have been many revisions of the weapons listed during the course of the games, each version tweaked differently.

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