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The Bactrian-class freighter, also known as the Colonial Tug, is a small human-designed classification of interstellar tug.[2]



The Bactrian-class was introduced at some point in the 2490s as a Class-3 colonial tug designed for mining and shipbreaking operations. The class was developed in response to the Cooperative Protocol, a system employed by mining corporations that entailed the use of two pilots to minimize both the risks and costs of interstellar transportation.[1] This led to the development and release of the popular Bactrian-class, which included a biometric ignition system. This biometric ignition meant that the tug could only be piloted by individuals whose unique physiology was recognized by the onboard computer.[1]


In the 2510s, the V-Scale mining tug was introduced.[1] Unlike the Bactrian-class, this new class of freighter was equipped trans-optic scaling, an automated sighting system to aid in navigation. The Bactrian-class was gradually phased out following the release of the V-Scale.


By the end of the Human-Covenant war, most Bactrian-class models had been lost or destroyed. They were to be found on certain Third Worlds, however, most notably the colony of Aleria. Mining guilds on the planet often used Bactrians due to their low price, despite the fact that most models were in poor condition and were at least forty years old.[1]

The smugglers Arris Le and Haisal Wari used an old Bactrian-class during their smuggling runs to the remains of Alpha Halo. The same freighter was used by Jameson Locke and Talitha Macer to escape the Alpha Shard.[3]




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