The Ballad of Kel 'Darsam, First Light of Sangheilios is an ancient poem written early in Sangheili history. A story of the exploits of Kel 'Darsam, a demigod warrior known as the "First Light of Sanghelios", it is one of the few elements of the pre-Forerunner Sangheili religion to have outlived the Covenant Empire.[1]


In the ballad, Kel is said to have been the son of the sun god Urs, most senior in the Sangheili Pantheon, and a female within the 'Darsam clan. Kel was trained by his uncle, Orok 'Darsam, to be a formidable warrior and later gave up any claim to the title of Kaidon to allow him the freedom to hunt the mythical beasts. Among his conquests were the nine serpents of the Dur'at'dur archipelago, who's powerful thrashing was said to have caused its powerful currents. The Sand Dwellers of Il'ik and the many-mouthed Watcher of the Lonely Harbor are also said to have been defeated by Kel.

After these exploits, Orok 'Darsam is captured by his rival Kaidon, Nesh 'Radoon, who's land was along the coastline. Kel travels to Nesh's fortress alone and on a small boat, scales its walls in the night and slays its best warriors after freeing Orok. On their way back to the boat, Kel is hit by a spear, sending him falling into the ocean. As the morning light appears, the dying Kel is transformed into sun glitter by the power of Urs. The Ballad's final verse has two major variations, it should be noted. In one verse the spear that struck Kel is tossed by Nesh himself; in another, Orok himself turns on Kel, having plotted with Nesh to lure Kel to the Keep to remove him as a mutual threat.


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