Bandanna is a skull found in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 2: Anniversary.

Location (CEA)Edit

This skull is located on the Silent Cartographer. The skull is on the "roof" of the pathway with windows leading to the security control room. It is by far one of the hardest skulls to obtain and can be done so with several methods.

  1. Once in the security control room, go out to the right ledge and grenade jump or propel yourself using a rocket launcher up to the platform. The skull is at the end. This is done easier with two players, as one player may jump on top of the other, throw a plasma grenade on to the second player's shoulder, and do a grenade jump as thus.
  2. Another two player alternative is to park a warthog in the entrance to the hallway outside the room and stay in the driver's seat while the second player commits suicide; there is a chance he will respawn over the first player, immediately grabbing the skull.
  3. Another method to getting the skull is to Crouch-jump in the window sills of the hallway that contain no glass in them. The Second player then commits suicide and may spawn on top of the hallway to collect the skull.
  4. An easier method is to drive the warthog into the window sill close enough to the corner with just enough room left for a player to crouch jump onto. Stop whenever the front wheels are sticking out of the window. The First Player will then proceed to Crouch-jump onto the sill while the Second Player will then commit suicide. The player will likely spawn on the front of the warthog instead of falling off the edge to where they then crouch jump onto the platform and can claim the skull.

Bandanna Skull location video here


Reloading and throwing grenades does not consume reserve ammo. This effectively grants unlimited ammunition, but the player will still need to reload. Battery-powered weapons such as the Plasma Pistol are unaffected. It should also be noted that the skull will disable progressional achievements towards completion in the Master Chief Collection release of Halo CE: Anniversary, as well as the scoring, timing and public Campaign Completion records.


  • The skull and its effect is a very obvious reference to Metal Gear Solid's Bandana item of the same name, which also granted a similar effect., which in turn references the tendancy of 80's action stars like John Rambo to never run out of ammo. 





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