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In theory, all who can aid Atriox's ambition and will bend the knee are welcome, from human to hunter, but their violence and conditions of service limit recruitment opportunities.
— Description of the Banished's pragmatic society, from the OFSM.[2]

The Banished are a mercenary group lead by the Jiralhanae warlord Atriox. The Banished have their origins in the late Covenant empire, having broken away after many Jiralhanae were needlessly sacrificed in battle to further the Great Journey. The logo of the Banished is called the Mark of Atriox.[3]



During the Human-Covenant War, Atriox was sent to fight in 40-man teams of Jiralhanae. In each battle, Atriox was the only survivor. Tired of seeing his compatriots die, Atriox rebelled against the Covenant, thus The Banished was created.[4] Now, its own organization separate from the Covenant, The Banished began fighting against the Covenant before the Great Schism.[5]

Expansion Amidst Chaos[]

Between the Battle of Algolis and the end of the Covenant War, the fledgling Banished lacked an expert engineer. Decimus was thus tasked with finding one. He tracked down a Kig-Yar scientist named Sig Raan on Otraak. Decimus initially tried to convince the Covenant scientist, but instead she used the opportunity to test a new device on Decimus and his men; one that would let her control a hive of Yanme'e. Before she could kill the Brutes, Atriox stormed in, cleansing the hive and killing Sig. Atriox smashed the device, saying he preferred those who joined out of their own free will.[6]

In early 2550, the Office of Naval Intelligence began to take notice of The Banished. Specifically after The Banished's attack and theft from the Carter Guard Armory.[7] For the rest of the year, The Banished turned toward the Covenant primarily, raiding and recruiting only to have ONI notice this trail after Codename: Slow Dive. Desperate to gain any assistance in the Human-Covenant war, one ONI agent proposed making a deal with Atriox.[8]

The Post-War Era[]


Silent Shadow Elites killing Banished Brutes out of hatred for their species.

At some point after the Great Schism, some Sangheili sought revenge and embarked upon a genocidal campaign against the Jiralhanae. One such Sangheili group was the Silent Shadow. After killing several Jiralhanae pacts in various systems, they killed the Banished aboard Atriox's ship, the Elegy's Lament, and attempted to kill him as well. Atriox told the Silent Shadow that he was not like Tartarus or the High Prophet of Truth, and that he and his Jiralhanae in the Banished were different than the ones who massacared the Sangheili during the Great Schism. He also told them that they should rejoice that the Covenant had fallen. After viewing Atriox as "other", the Silent Shadow were convinced to join the Banished, with the exception of the Silent Shadow's First Blade leader still blood thirsty for revenge who was killed by his own squad.[9]

The largest acquisition by The Banished happened in 2553. The CAS-class assault carrier Enduring Conviction and its crew would fall under control of Atriox.[10] In the December of that year, a Banished Flotilla was in the Nereus system. Admiral Serin Osman suspected the group of being the culprits on an attack on the UNSC Donoma.[11]

Atriox's Chieftains led divisions of Banished into Jiralhanae colonies and human criminal enterprises to build connections and spread their influence.[12] Atriox was open to recruiting capable assets of any species, and humans have joined the Banished.[2][13]

Prior to September 2558, Hekabe of Maardoth came into conflict with The Banished, killing the Chieftain Odanostos.[14]

In the November of 2558,[15] The Banished arrived at Installation 00.[16] However, The Banished maintained some operations in the Orion Arm.[17] After arriving, the Banished assaulted the Henry Lamb Research Outpost and killed most who were in the base.[15]

Battling the Spirit of Fire[]

Main article: Battle of Installation 00 (2559)
HW2 Blitz-Artwork BoundlessFury

Banished Warlords fight against UNSC Marines.

In 2559,[18][19] the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire encountered them. Atriox attacked Red Team, and allowed them to escape. James Cutter then declared war upon the Banished.[16][20] During the battle, the Banished lost the Enduring Conviction to a barrage of Sentinels. Though this loss was devastating, The Banished had discovered Installation 09. They immediately attempted to board the new Halo,[21] though a large portion of them failed to get on thanks to the Spirit's forces.[22] The remaining Banished forces on the ring were destroyed in attempts to access the Control Room. However, this failure didn't stop Banished forces still on the Ark proper.[23] Colony attempted to gain control of Forerunner tech, only to be defeated by the Spirit's forces.[24]

Awakening the Nightmare[]

A few months after the conflict on Installation 09, Pavium and Voridus led a salvage mission on the outskirts of High Charity's crash site, now quarantined by the Installation 00's Sentinels, to prevent the surviving Flood within the city from escaping. Ignorant of Atriox's order not to enter the city, Voridus used a Volatile Scarab to cut a hole in the shield containing the crash site. This resulted in a resurgence of Flood on the Ark.[25][26]

Return to Milky Way[]

After their defeat on the Ark, Atriox's top priority was to return to the Milky Way. Thanks to the help of their allies in planet Reach, he and others travelled to that planet in a portal, leaving most of their troops still fighting on the Ark as the portal closed.

Zeta Halo[]

Atriox gathered more forces and, with an armada of at least three warships, attacked and boarded the UNSC Infinity nearby Installation 07. The Battle of Zeta Halo was a disaster to the UNSC forces, and the Master Chef itself, John-117 was defeated by Atriox. The battle then deplaced to the Halo's surface. Six months later, Atriox is said to have died, and was succeeded by Escharum. The battle was still fought on the ring, though the human defenders had been, by then, almost annihilated.

Then, the Master Chief was recovered, and he led the UNSC counterattack, devastating the Banished forces and eventually killing Escharum. Atriox then was uncovered to having survived too.[27]



The Banished's assets mainly consist of Covenant assets slightly modified to fit their unique design aesthetic.

Some Forerunner technology used by the Banished were purchased from Black markets on Venezia and other Outer Colonies.[28]


Ground Vehicles[]

The Banished use a variety of ground vehicles. These include the Reaver, the Marauder, the Wraith, the Chopper, the Ghost and Scarab. The Banished also use their own variant of the Shade turret.

Air Vehicles[]

The Banished utilised the Shroud and Blisterback as well as their own variants of the Banshee, Spirit, Phantom and Lich.


The Banished have control over at least one CAS-class assault carrier, the Enduring Conviction. They also own a Corvette, named Elegy's Lament, belonging to Escharum[29] They losed the first in The Ark, but months later, the Banished have at least three more warships, all identical, including the Gbraakon.


The Banished is predominantly composed of Jiralhanae and led by the Jiralhanae Atriox and Decimus.

HW2 Banished Fight

Banished Elites and Brutes continue to fight with each other due to lingering hatreds between their species.

Unlike most Jiralhanae, Atriox did not care for the Sangheili-Jiralhanae war, viewing the feud as petty.[30] As such, he has welcomed some Sangheili into the Banished as warriors.[31] Because Atriox and the Jiralhanae in the Banished claim to not have been involved in the betrayal and massacre of the Sangheili,[32] some Sangheili have willingly accepted the offer, and joined viewing the Banished as "other".[33] Let 'Volir, his crew, and three Sangheili formerly from Resa 'Azavayl's Silent Shadow squad reluctantly joined the Banished. Despite this coexistence, rivalry between the two species still manifests. The Sangheili under Decimus' command were treated with resentment and often sadistically sent on suicide missions.[34] This is due to Decimus in particular, still holding a grudge against the Sangheili for treating the Jiralhanae as inferior during the time of the Covenant.[35] Concurrently, Let 'Volir's Sangheili crew feel a strong hatred toward Atriox's Chosen Jiralhanae.[36]

Atriox had no animosity towards humanity,[37] and has recruited humans into the Banished as mercenaries.[13] Banished chieftains have spread their power beyond Jiralhane colonies and into human territory, an unknown number of human criminals have been influenced.[2][12]

The Banished encompass members of several other species, including Unggoy, Huragok and Mgalekgolo.

  • Atriox: Warmaster and supreme leader of the Banished.
  • Decimus: A general in the Banished and Atriox's right hand. Killed by UNSC forces on Installation 00.
  • Balkarus: A Jiralhanae Captain under the command of the Banished.
  • Pavium: A Jiralhanae lieutenant.
  • Voridus: A Jiralhanae lieutenant.
  • Teranus: A Jiralhanae Guard.
  • Odanostos: A Jiralhanae Chieftain. Killed by Hekabe prior to September 2558.
  • Escharum: A Jiralhanae War Chief.[38]
  • Let 'Volir: A Sangheili shipmaster reluctantly serving the Banished in exchange for supplies for his ship and crew.
  • Jato 'Ratum: A Sangheili who served in a mining expedition for the Banished.
  • Orda Val 'Saham: A Sangheili Guard in service to Atriox and Let 'Volir.
  • Val 'Telram: A Sangheili Guard and Huragok translator.
  • Colony: Commanders of all its Lekgolo forces on the Ark.
  • Yapyap the Destroyer: An Unggoy leader that later rebelled against Atriox.
  • Yam-Blim: An Unggoy thrall-taskmaster under the command of Decimus. Killed by Spartan-II Alice-130 on the Ark.
  • Shadow Master of Buwan


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