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The Banished Banshee was a variant of the Banshee utilized by The Banished.[1]


The Banished Banshee bears a heavy resemblance to the A and C variants of the Type-26 "Banshee", but appears to have been reinforced with additional metal plating on its cowling and wings. It also possesses a unique color scheme shared with other Banished vehicles: silver with red-colored panels on its cowling, wings and plasma cannons as opposed to the predominantly purple coloration of other Banshee models.[1]

This was done to more closely look like an aerial predator from the skies of Doisac.[1]


A lot of Banished Banshees used experimental weapons. These were to give the Banished large amounts of damage and assist in psychological warfare.[1]


The Banished Banshee is a core air unit available when a Banished leader is selected and is constructed in the Apex.



  • Banshee - "Fast moving. When upgraded, effective against air."
    • Type: Air
    • Purpose: Core Air
    • Attack Strength:
      • Infantry: Moderate
      • Vehicle: Good
      • Air: Moderate
        • With Plasma Torpedo: Good
      • Building: Moderate
    • Resources: 300
    • Power: 0
    • Population Count: 3
    • Minimum Tech Level: 1

Unit UpgradeEdit

  • Plasma Torpedo - "Effective against air."
    • Resources: 0
    • Power: 650
    • Minimum Tech Level: 3


Image Name Energy Cost Rarity Leader Restriction
HW2 Banshee Banshee 40 Common None
HW2 Blitz-Artwork UnstableBanshee Unstable Banshee 70 Rare Shipmaster



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