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This page is about the Banished vehicle seen in Halo Wars 2. For the Chopper featured in Halo 3, Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST, see Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle.

The Banished Chopper is a lightly armoured ground vehicle used by the Banished, and typically piloted by Jiralhanae. It resembles the Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle previously used by the Covenant. However, this variation of the Chopper has several overlapping plates surrounding the wheels which are coloured silver and red, the Banished's colours.


The Chopper is used by every Banished leader except for the Arbiter and Let 'Volir, who instead field Banished Ghosts. The Banished Chopper costs more resources to be built and is not as fast as the Banished Ghost, but it has superior health and firepower.

The Banished Chopper is useful for early assaults on enemy bases, as they can take a good amount of damage before they are destroyed. Colony can improve Choppers with their Vehicle Symbiotes Leader power, but even then the chopper should mostly be used for scouting after the first five to ten minutes of a match has passed.

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