Banshees, Fast and Low is a Campaign Achievement in Halo: Reach. This achievement is obtained when a player hijacks a Banshee in Campaign. It is represented by the traditional skyjack medal icon.[1] The Jetpack is very useful for completing this achievement. Banshees can also be stunned for a short time with an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot or a Grenade Launcher EMP.

Not all areas have Banshees that can be hijacked (such as the ones in Winter Contingency, where the Banshees do have pilots, but too high). Good areas to achieve this are past the EMP barrier and before the spire in Tip of the Spear and within the caverns in The Package.

Tip of the SpearEdit

It is possible to achieve this in the Halo: Reach level Tip of the Spear. A good method is to go to the last part of the mission, where you will encounter the Spire. At the time, Noble Six and Jorge's Falcon crash-land inside the Spire's EMP barrier.

The player should be able to see and grab the jetpack on the ground near the burning Falcon. Defeat all Covenant enemies near the Spire, go to the top level, and kill all the enemy forces in it. After that, wait for a Banshee to come near the Spire, activate the jetpack and board the Banshee. You could also grab the jetpack and take one of the grunt's plasma pistol and run around the Covenant by taking cover from the rocks to the right. As soon as you're behind most of the Covenant, the Banshee should just be flying literally at you. Disable it with an EMP charge, board it, and rain havoc from above. Perhaps you could get the elusive BOB near where the B.F.G is located in multiplayer if you're lucky...

There also will be a Banshee that will likely be stuck in the rocks near the area where the Fuel Rod Gun and Sniper Rifle spawn, right next to where the man-cannon should be online. Simply grab it or disable it. It will also help a lot when destroying the turret.


  • The achievement's name is a direct quote from a Pelican pilot in the Halo 3 Campaign level Sierra 117.
  • This achievement is glitched, in that you can get it by boarding a Falcon. You have to get your allies to betray you, and then go to an ally on a Falcon and you should get the option to board enemy Falcon. This will get you the achievement. This is best done in Exodus.
  • Technically, all you have to do is hijack an aircraft of any affiliation to get this achievement.
  • The Banshees on Winter Contingency will begin to fly near the ground once all enemies are killed. Yet, they cannot be hijacked.



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