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The Barukaza Workshop Siege Crawler, commonly known as the Locust, is a variant of the Type-30 Light Excavation/Anti-Fortification Platform utilized by Atriox and his Banished.[1]


The Banished Locust is silver and red in color and has overlapping armor added onto the legs and cowling. Like its Covenant counterpart, the Banished Locust is a former mining platform used as a long range anti-building unit.[1]



As with the Locust from the original Halo Wars, the Banished Locust is a long range unit that excels at destroying enemy structures. The Locust's range is great enough that normal base turrets cannot fire back when they are being fired upon, allowing a small group to quickly leave an entire base defenseless. Unfortunately, the Banished Locust is just as fragile as its cousin, requiring a smart player to leave them at the back of an attacking force so that they are not destroyed immediately. Locusts work well with Blisterbacks and Mega Turrets, as their long range can allow them to reveal a base to a Blisterback without being attacked in turn. It should also be noted that Banished Locusts have shields, but lack the Overcharge ability that Locusts had in Halo Wars.