Concept art of the Base Turret.

Base Turrets are stationary weapons platforms used to bolster defenses at UNSC Stations and Fortresses in Halo Wars. They are useful when enemy forces have eliminated other lines of defense and are in close proximity to the Station or Fortresses, and as such, would be in a position to attack the command center.[1]

A maximum of four base turrets can be built around the fire base or fortress. They possess heavy stopping power, especially against hostile infantry. Their default armament is the M202 XP Machine Gun.[2] A standard turret requires 250 resources to construct. It will not need any tech level nor will it consume population.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Base Turrets can be upgraded for specific purposes. Each of these upgrades cost 100 resources as well as one energy level; only one can be used at a time. These upgrades will add on a pair of two MJ LRG Rail Cannons, a Flame Mortar Launcher, or two Surface-to-Air Missile batteries. Upgrading to the dual Rail Guns will give the turret better attacking power against vehicles, the incendiary mortar launcher will give an advantage over infantry, and the missile launchers will be more powerful versus aircraft.

The type of upgrade being used doesn't affect the turret's operations. A turret armed with rocket cylinders will continue firing its main weapon at infantry and vehicles but attacks aircraft with projectiles; one equipped with the flame projector will shoot vehicles and aircraft using its machine guns but blasts troops with fire; and one that has rail guns will use its rapid fire cannons against enemy troops and aircraft but assaults vehicles with the rail guns.

Besides weapon improvements specific to the player's strategies, base turrets can generally be further upgraded to medium turrets, and then large turrets later on in the Field Armory. The upgrade to a medium turret adds a third of the armor and another M202 XP Machine Gun. The upgrade to a large turret adds an additional 50% armor and two more Machine Guns.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mega Bloks released a base turret set that includes three SPARTAN-IIs in Mark IV armor. This version is crewed and has a smaller base.[4]

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