A Battle Group is a UNSC designation for a force of ships that is smaller than a Fleet. A Battle Group is roughly equivalent to a Covenant Task force in terms of number of ships; however, a Task Force is far superior to a Battle group in terms of sheer firepower and technology.


A Battle Group is usually commanded by an Admiral, though there have been instances of smaller Battle Groups being led by Captains.[1] Each Battle Group is assigned a number,[2] or, when the number is not known, the Battle Group is referred to simply by its flagship. Battle Groups are also created on a temporary basis, with a specific mission or to accomplish a specific task.[3][1][4]


Battle groups in the Inner colonies were composed of Gladius-class corvettes.[5] Many Battle groups during the Insurrection and early years of the Human-Covenant war were built around Epoch-class heavy carriers.[6] Battle groups, like their larger counterpart, usually are assigned a Prowler for observation and sabotage.[citation needed]

List of Known Battle GroupsEdit



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