The Battle of Camber was the major conflict between the forces of the UNSCDF and the Covenant Empire on and around the planet Camber.


The Covenant's ArrivalEdit

At some point after 2535 and before the Fall of Reach, the Fleet of Particular Justice arrived in orbit above Camber. The fleet was not detected by the UNSC's early warning system and so they disabled the Orbital Defense Platforms that were near where they arrived. They then began ground and orbital assaults of the planet.[1]

The Ground BattleEdit

17 ships of the fleet began assaulting various important strategic defensive positions on the planet. The Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee lead his own personal strike team to the System Defense HQ where the reserves of the Third Battalion were stationed. Due to the late detection of the fleet, the reserves were in the midst of gearing-up in their locker room when 'Vadamee attacked. In a moment of honor, 'Vadamee cloaked and only used his energy sword, to allow the reserves to finish getting armor and weapons. This did not help the reserves as they were still slaughtered.[1]


Camber's naval defenses were shattered and the planet was glassed. Out of the 5.6 million people on Camber, only 81,313 managed to survive the attack.[1]



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