The Battle of Charybdis IX was a battle fought between the UNSC and Covenant in 2535.[2]

Battle[edit | edit source]

The Covenant fleet arrived at Charybdis IX overwhelming the three UNSC destroyers in orbit. The UNSC Midsummer Night, a light frigate, was nearby as well, but did not take part in the combat, instead pursuing a fleeing Insurrectionist freighter. Two of the UNSC destroyers were almost immediately eliminated, while UNSC Do You Feel Lucky? was disabled.

Thel 'Vadamee proceeded to board the Do You Feel Lucky?, in search of the already wiped navigation data. The Covenant boarders consisted of a group of Unggoy and 'Vadamee's handpicked team of Zealots, including Jora 'Konaree, Zhar, Saal, and Veer. The humans onboard were unable to hold the Covenant back, and the Covenant boarders sustained only light casualties (although 'Konaree was wounded). The Covenant proceeded to glass the planet as the Insurrectionists on the planet vainly attempted to resist. Charybdis defense fighters harassed the Covenant cruisers over Scyllion, the capital, but most, if not all, were shot down by plasma fire.[2]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Charybdis IX was glassed, and its entire population killed. The Midsummer Night was able to retreat from the battle without arousing any Covenant suspicion.

Following the battle, the High Prophet of Regret dispatched Thel 'Vadamee to 23 Librae to find and eliminate the source of modified covenant weapons for human use. This led to the Battle of the Rubble in which the Midsummer Night and the Rebels were able to defeat 'Vadamee and defeat the Kig-Yar and Unggoy forces, scoring a major human victory.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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