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The Battle of Installation 00 was a large battle fought between the UNSC forces of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Atriox's Banished forces, and the residing Sentinels of Installation 00.


In 2531, the UNSC Spirit of Fire had traveled to and fought the Covenant Empire at a Forerunner Shield World that housed a fleet of Forerunner ships.[3] The Spirit destroyed the world, but at the cost of their Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, leaving them adrift.[4]


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The Spirit of Fire eventually found its way to Installation 00, 28 years later. Upon arriving, they discovered a ruined UNSC base creating a distress signal. Red Team scouted the base out, only to encounter Atriox. In the ensuing skirmish, Douglas-042 was injured, Alice-130 became MIA, and the AI Isabel was recovered from the base.[1]

Soon after, Jerome-092 and some UNSC forces, assaulted Decimus' salvage operation on the Southern Spire and destroyed it.[5]

Colony's PlanEdit

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Naval AssetsEdit

Class Name Status
Phoenix-class carrier UNSC Spirit of Fire Unknown

Military PersonnelEdit

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Navy Captain James Cutter Unknown
Senior Chief Petty Officer Alice-130 Unknown
Jerome-092 Unknown
Douglas-042 Unknown
Corpsman Gruss Unknown
UNSC Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Kinsano Unknown
Major Vaughan Unknown
Warrant Officer Quinn Unknown
Corporal Turpin Unknown
Lance Corporal Sparks Unknown
Unknown Private D. Wood Unknown

The BanishedEdit

Naval AssetsEdit

Class Name Status
CAS-class assault carrier Enduring Conviction Destroyed

Military PersonnelEdit

Rank Name Status
General Atriox Unknown
Decimus KIA
Shipmaster Let 'Volir Unknown
Thrall-taskmaster Yam-Blim KIA
Unknown Colony Unknown


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