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The Battle of Installation 00 was a large battle fought between the UNSC forces of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Atriox's Banished forces, and the residing Sentinels of Installation 00.


In 2531, the UNSC Spirit of Fire had traveled to and fought the Covenant Empire at a Forerunner Shield World that housed a fleet of Forerunner ships.[3] The Spirit destroyed the world, but at the cost of their Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, leaving them adrift.[4]



The Spirit of Fire eventually found its way to Installation 00, 28 years later. Upon arriving, they discovered a ruined UNSC base creating a distress signal. Red Team scouted the base out, only to encounter Atriox. In the ensuing skirmish, Douglas-042 was injured, Alice-130 became MIA, and the AI Isabel was recovered from the base.[1]

Soon after, Jerome-092 and some UNSC forces, assaulted Decimus' salvage operation on the Southern Spire and destroyed it.[5] Decimus confronted the humans personally but was beaten back by their forces and he fled. Before they destroyed the base, however, the humans gained intel that the Banished are utilizing a device known as the Cartographer in order to find key systems and weapons located on the Ark. In order to access the Cartographer, they needed to gain access to the surrounding Forerunner defense towers. Jerome leads a UNSC force to capture these towers so Anders can access the Cartographer, and destroying Banished defenses along the way.

The Fighting Continues[]

Meanwhile, Alice finds herself deep behind enemy lines. She scouts out a large Banished encampment and releases UNSC prisoners from some energy domes. Alice and her small force destroy the encampment before traveling to a nearby research outpost. There they establish contact with Captain Cutter, who immediately dispatches Pelicans to extract them. Alice decides to remain behind to establish another HQ and to guard a Portal Controller.

Anders managed to use an elevator to transport Jerome and his army up directly into the Cartographer. However, the Banished had already set up a large defense network. Cutter sends support to Jerome to establish a base in the control room, before they assault three power conduits protecting the Cartographer. Cutter uses an EMP MAC Blast to disable swarms of Sentinels to cut a path to the map room. Using the Cartographer, Anders discovers that Atriox had been using the Ark's portal system to move troops around quickly.

Jerome and a newly recovered Douglas launch an assault to disable the control node that controls the portal system. They individually take control of several nearby portals while pushing through waves of Banished defenses. As the UNSC force makes their way to the control node, they are ambushed by an angry Decimus. After a long battle, the Spartans manage to kill Decimus. This was a major victory for the UNSC, as Decimus was Atriox's lieutenant. Shipmaster Let 'Volir attacks the Spirit of Fire head on with the Enduring Conviction.

On the Ark, Alice defends the portal controller from waves of Banished troops. The defense is nearly overrun with the arrival of a Banished Scarab, but Alice and her forces eventually destroy it. Isabel comes up with a plan to disable the Banished carrier, and has Cutter send Anders and Douglas to a Particle Cannon on the Ark's surface to disable its shields. Atriox sends a very large number of Banished troops to stop them, as he didn't want them to destroy the Banished only carrier. Douglas and Anders hold out long enough to shoot the cannon. Meanwhile, Jerome and Isabel are dispatched to a Banished compound to get to the Carrier. Along the way, their Pelican is shot down, and they're forced to reach the compound on foot. Jerome eventually manages to get Isabel on board, and she infiltrates the Enduring Conviction's systems. She sends a large energy beam to the surface, and the Ark's emergency defense system kicks in, sending thousands of Sentinels who slice the Carrier in half. Atriox and Let 'Volir witnesses this from afar, and Atriox is angry with 'Volir for letting his prized ship go down, but he assures him they have enough men to keep fighting.

Soon after this, a new Halo emerges from the Ark. Atriox immediately gives orders to get as many men as possible onto the ring. The UNSC leads a counterattack by hijacking a damaged Scarab and wreaking havoc on Banished bases, and allowing them to reach the new Halo. Captain Cutter sends the newly reunited Red Team along with Anders to establish a base on the ring and to reach the Control Room before the Banished could. They capture three control towers and Anders is allowed inside the Control room. Red Team fights off waves of Banished troops, including Scarabs and Warlords. It is soon realized that Halo is about to jump to an unknown location in the galaxy, and Cutter immediately begins an evacuation. Anders remains behind, much to Cutter's dismay, as the Halo travels through a portal. Cutter realizes there's no time to mourn and prepares to continue the fight. Meanwhile, Atriox has mobilized a massive army on the Ark and prepares to fight Cutter once again.

Colony's Plan[]

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Naval Assets[]

Class Name Status
Phoenix-class carrier UNSC Spirit of Fire Unknown

Military Personnel[]

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Navy Captain James Cutter Unknown
Senior Chief Petty Officer Alice-130 Unknown
Jerome-092 Unknown
Douglas-042 Unknown
Corpsman Gruss Unknown
UNSC Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Kinsano Unknown
Major Vaughan Unknown
Warrant Officer Quinn Unknown
Corporal Turpin Unknown
Lance Corporal Sparks Unknown
Unknown Private D. Wood Unknown

The Banished[]

Naval Assets[]

Class Name Status
CAS-class assault carrier Enduring Conviction Destroyed

Military Personnel[]

Rank Name Status
General Atriox Unknown
Decimus KIA
Shipmaster Let 'Volir Unknown
Thrall-taskmaster Yam-Blim KIA
Unknown Colony Unknown