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The Battle of Kamchatka was a large battle between Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, the Created, and the United Nations Space Command on the planet Kamchatka. The battle marked the first known time since the First Battle of Requiem that Jul 'Mdama's Covenant had engaged the Prometheans in combat, and was the last battle for which the Covenant were led by Jul 'Mdama.[2]


Dr. Halsey's Message[]

Approximately three weeks before the battle, Dr. Halsey contacted the UNSC, warning of an incoming event. However, the UNSC didn't act upon that information immediately.[3]

Strike Plans[]

Jul 'Mdama's Covenant would gather and use the Caspar system as a staging area.[4] Analysts at the Office of Naval Intelligence deemed that a strike on these forces could potentially do substantial damage against the Covenant faction, and give the UNSC an edge.[5] Thus, as part of Operation: ANCHORITE, the UNSC Infinity was to be deployed to the system.[4] Part of the plan also included a two-wave deployment of shipboard forces to Kamchatka.[5]


Fireteam Osiris' Mission[]

“Halsey is currently in Covenant custody on the surface of Kamchatka. Your mission is to insert behind enemy lines, retrieve Halsey and bring her back to Infinity. Be advised, Dr. Halsey is accompanied by Covenant Supreme Leader Jul 'Mdama. If you have the opportunity--”
“Understood, Commander.”
— Spartan Locke[2]

Sometime before Fireteam Osiris arrived to the planet's surface, Promethean forces had begun fighting Covenant forces.[2]

Fireteam Osiris was deployed in the midst of the battle via D79H-TC Pelican. They landed some distance outside of where Halsey and 'Mdama were defending, fighting through both Covenant and Prometheans. Jul 'Mdama's Covenant lost several starships and Banshees a like.[2]

Osiris proceeded through glaciers and battled through Covenant and Promethean alike. Eventually, they reached a hill being assaulted by a squad led by Kitun 'Arach. Briefly, Kitun and Osiris worked to help push through the Prometheans.[6]

Upon arriving at where Jul 'Mdama was, Osiris worked their way through his guards. Jameson Locke rushed ahead and killed Jul 'Mdama. With Dr. Halsey in UNSC hands, Osiris returned to Infinity.[2]


Death of Jul 'Mdama[]

Following Jul 'Mdama's death, a Covenant fleet coalesced around the UNSC Argent Moon.[3] Eventually, Covenant forces at the time of the Battle of Sunaion were under the joint control of several other high-ranking members of the faction including Kitun 'Arach.[6]



Military Personnel[]

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Navy Captain Thomas Lasky Survived
UNSC Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer Survived
Spartan Jameson Locke Survived
Olympia Vale Survived
Edward Buck Survived
Holly Tanaka Survived

Jul 'Mdama's Covenant[]

Military Personnel[]

Rank Name Status
Fleet Master Jul 'Mdama KIA
General Kitun 'Arach Survived


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  1. On Page 11 of Halo: Official Spartan Field Manual, the letter by Captain Lasky is dated to October 17. As well, the letter mentions attacks on Oban and Ursa IV. These two planets that are also shown to be attacked within the 72 hour time frame that Lasky mentions at the beginning of the level Osiris. These points are further corroborated by Captain Lasky's statement on Page 11 that in less than a week from the 17th, they will be in the Caspar system.