The Battle of Metisette was a conflict that took place between the UNSC, the Covenant Elites lead by The Prophet of Regret and the Covenant Grunts and Jackals lead by The Prophet of Truth. It took place in 2535 and it was a part of the Human-Covenant war.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

The battle began with UNSC Midsummer Night doing a high-speed SOEIV pods drop, down to the surface of Metisette, where The Redoubt was. It came under fire from Anti-Aircraft guns, and slowed down, to allow the pods to drop, before speeding off into the atmosphere again. The pods landed in The Redoubt's plaza, where Unggoy were waiting in buildings. There were two main forces of ODST's that landed; one with Jai-006, and one with Adriana-111. Adriana's were mostly wiped out, going from 16 to 6 men, they were however successful in destroying the Anti-Aircraft guns. Jai's men landed with the SHIVA Nuclear Warhead,[1] and planted it in the Communication's Hub and set a 2 hour timer. The Midsummer Night then launched five Pelican Dropships to pick up the survivors. They returned to UNSC Midsummer Night, and watched as the SHIVA detonated, badly damaging The Redoubt. Reth, the Kig-Yar leader, was poisoned by the radiation, and tried to escape in a Shuttle. However, The Rubble had been fractured by Juliana and were moved into a position to collide with Metisette. The Redoubt was then obliterated by the improvised orbital bombardment. Reth's shuttle took a direct hit from one of the asteroids finally killing him. Thel 'Vadamee then launched the remaining Kig-yar ships against the Exodus.

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