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The Battle of Rahnelo was a skirmish during the Great Schism.[1]


During the 9th Age of Reclamation the Covenant military was slowly reformed to give the Jiralhanae more powers, leading to them controlling entire fleets. In late 2552, political tensions flared over the replacing of the Honor Guard with Jiralhanae troops. This directly led to the Great Schism, where the disillusioned Sangheili were declared to be in rebellion, granting the Jiralhanae justification to wipe out the species.

Despite the death of the last Hierarch, the High Prophet of Truth,[2] in December 2553, the civil war continued onwards with various disorganised factions attacking one another.


Detecting the presense of a Forerunner artefact activated when the Halo Array went into standby mode, Boru'a'Neem, the pre-Schism Minister of Preparation, brought a light cruiser to Rahnelo to retrieve it. Due to the high recruitment rate among Sangheili youths, the colony was only lightly guarded following the outbreak of the civil war. After bombing a port, the light cruiser began deploying dropships to the city. Two companies of Jiralhanae soldiers landed in the urban areas and killed soldiers and civilians indiscriminately.[1]

Kaidon Tulum 'Juranai organised the military defenses, and ordered remaining civilians to take shelter in his Keep. Soon the Jiralhanae forces reached the Keep and tried to force their way inside. 'Juranai and two of his sons charged out of the Keep in the hopes of slaying the San'Syuum Prelate Tem'Bhetek, commander of the two companies. The three were captured by Tem'Bhetek, who had them stripped naked, their leg tendons slit to force them on their knees and their hands bound before subjecting them to the Forerunner artefact, a prototype of the Halo Array weapon, which destroyed them in a flash of light. With their experiment over, the Jiralhanae left the planet.[1]

After the departure, cleanup was coordinated by 'Juranai's two surviving children, Tul 'Juran and her brother. Three days later, Sangheili reinforcements finally arrived, led by Rtas 'Vadum and the Shadow of Intent.[1]


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