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This article is about the Halo 5: Guardians level. For the event itself, see Battle of Sunaion.

Osiris races to reach the Guardian before it leaves Sanghelios.

Battle of Sunaion[1] is the twelfth level in Halo 5: Guardians. The level was first shown off at E3 2015.[2]


The Swords of Sanghelios have finally pushed Jul 'Mdama's Covenant to their final stronghold; Sunaion. Following Blue Team to the Forerunner Guardian, Fireteam Osiris fought through Sunaion in an attempt to reach the Guardian before it left.[2]

During the battle, the Guardian activated one of its weapons, and devastated the surrounding area.[2]


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Fade in, a Lich, several Phantoms and Banshees fly toward Sunaion. The camera shifts inside the Lich, Locke walks in

  • Locke: Osiris. Form up. Everyone ready?

Buck stands up and join the team

  • Buck (to Tanaka): Actually, Tanaka, if I could ask a favor, would you say a word or two?
  • Tanaka (to the rest of Osiris): Come a long way together. Long way yet to go. Let's make a good jump like we mean to, and handle fools like we need to.
  • Sangheili: 90 seconds to insertion point.
  • Tanaka: And may Buck buy the first round when we get back.

Osiris put their helmet on and walk to the Lich's deck and prepare to jump. Some Phantoms and Banshees fly pass.

  • Buck (seeing the heavy fire of the Covenant): We get through this, I'll buy the whole damn bar.
H5G FireTeam Osiris and Sword of Sanghelios

"...I'll buy the whole damn bar."

Swords of Sanghelios fly through the heavy fire of the Covenant. On the ground there are many Covenant Sangheili and Unggoy being shot by Swords of Sanghelios

  • Locke: Fireteam Osiris.

The Lich flies to the insertion point, killing many of the Covenant's troop on the way

  • Locke: The light is green.

Osiris, Thel 'Vadam, and some Sangheili jump from the Lich Cut to black, cutscene ends


Fall of the Covenant[]

Covenant forces engage Osiris and the Swords of Sanghelios

  • Arbiter: Swords of Sanghelios, with me! Target the air defences! Clear landing zones! For Sanghelios!


Battle of Sunaion's development codename was Tsunami Station.[3] In the E3 version of the level, Osiris was tasked with finding John-117 and Blue Team. This included sifting through physical evidence of where they went with the Artemis Tracking System.[2]


Album Cover Soundtrack Song Name Soundtrack Number
Halo 5 Guardian Original Sountrack Cover Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack Osiris Suite, Act 3 38


Icon Name Description Value
H5G AchievementArt DeathfromAbove Death From Above Kill a Grunt and smash a grate with a Ground Pound. 10Gamerscore
H5G AchievementArt WormsDon'tSurf Worms Don't Surf Knock two Hunters into the ocean. 10Gamerscore


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