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The Battle of Sword Base was an engagement centered around ONI's Sword Base near the Babd Catha Ice Shelf on Reach that took place on July 26, 2552 during the beginning stages of the Fall of Reach.[1]


Only July 26, 2552, a single Covenant corvette attacked Sword Base and started deploying troops. Earlier in the battle the Covenant had managed to take out the anti-aircraft defense gun at Airview Base near Sword base and the COM outpost at Farragut Station. Eventually, Noble Team was dropped in from the Falcons Kilo 33 and Kilo 34 drove the Covenant away from Sword Base. SPARTAN-B312 and Kat-B320 landed in the main courtyard of the base and drove the Covenant away from the main building. They then made their way to the gate of the complex. Noble Six used a target locator to designate two Wraiths assaulting the base and orbital defenses bombarded the two tanks. Noble Six and Kat both brought Airview Base and Farragut Station back online and made their way back inside the base. Once inside they battled their way to the top floor of the building and assisted in the destruction of incoming Banshees and Phantoms. Once hostile air was cleared, two Longswords drove the corvette away from the base and an orbital MAC cannon destroyed it.[1]


Overall, the defense was a success, until the Covenant returned later and took the base. Eventually, the UNSC was forced to destroy Sword Base due to its high-priority nature.[2]


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