The Beatrice was an ONI Chiroptera-class stealth vessel prowler.[1] In 2512 it was decommissioned with the remainder of that class and refitted for increased habitability, including cushioned seats and cupholders. Later she was modified with brand-new plasma coils from a Behemoth-class tug.

In 2552, Governor Jacob Jiles of the Eridanus Rebels came into possession of this ship and used it as his personal ship, as well as "flagship" for his improvised fleet. Dr. Catherine Halsey, along with the sedated Kelly-087, stole the ship and left via Slipspace, having bypassed the ONI locks.

Halsey navigated Beatrice to Onyx, where she was attacked by three hundred and twelve Sentinels. The Sentinels forced the ship to crash on the surface of the planet. It was likely destroyed after the planet exploded in the Battle of Onyx.

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