A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him.
— Magazine Ad

In the September issues of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly), OXM (Official Xbox Magazine), and other magazines around that month, an advertisement following Microsoft's "Believe" marketing campaign is featured. The ad in the magazines show John-117 walking down an eerily empty road way, Assault rifle at the ready, sweeping the shadows for enemy contacts. At the top of the page it tells of his actions, and how that he is the embodiment of human perseverance, how he is the last of his type yet still fights because he knows what is right. And after that, a simple sentence that speaks volumes.

“He's received the highest commendations for bravery. Countless decorations for honor and selflessness. But Master Chief's greatest achievement reaches far beyond what any medal could ever hope to commemorate. For the men and women of the 26th Century, he is a human embodiment of possibility, the last Spartan standing against an angry tide. This strength of spirit is forged through his legend. Jericho VII. The Battle of Reach. High Charity. Tales rife with sacrifice and courage. Tales that grow, flourish, and inspire. And while he shapes his own history, he in turn shapes the history of all who follow. For no matter what horrors are released upon the day, they cannot match the reply of soldiers emboldened with his spirit, an army of Master Chiefs unto themselves.”
— Magazine Ad

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