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A Render of the biofoam canister from Halo 3: ODST.

Biomedical foam,[1] often shortened to biofoam, is a self-sealing, space-filling coagulant and also an antibacterial, tissue-regenerative foam polymer used by the United Nations Space Command as a form of medical first aid. This foam keeps damaged organs in place and helps stop bleeding and hemorrhaging from wounds such as; lacerations, abrasions, contusions, punctures, thermal and/or electric burn wounds. Two chemicals combine, creating a mixed-cell foam. Biofoam is inserted into the skin and deployed deeper into the body. It is very painful to use, at least initially, described as feeling like "burning ants crawling around the wound" and "thousands of tiny knives" stabbing the recipient. However, biofoam has been described as being able to numb pain.[2][3] [note 1]

It is likely that only the application is painful, and that the biofoam quickly numbs the wound after settling. Biofoam does not seem to have this kind of painful reaction when applied to an unwounded area, as the Rookie is seen spraying a small amount on his uninjured fingers and does not react in pain. It is often used as a medical option when there are no medical personnel available. Bottles of biofoam are found in Health kits.[4][5] Often, UNSC medics will use it as a sealing agent during treatment in field hospitals.

The effects of biofoam are temporary, and after a time, usually a few hours, it simply breaks down. Therefore, it is normally a form of first aid, used only as a temporary sealant until proper medical attention can be sought.

The MJOLNIR Mark VI armor contains automatic biofoam injectors, which negated the need for SPARTAN-IIs to use Health kits.[2]




  1. The Halo 2 Strategy Guide's description of the Mark VI Mjolnir Armor describes biofoam as being able to numb pain. In The Flood, biofoam is said to numb Fitzgerald's Needler wound.


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