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A Bison is a lightly-armored ground vehicle that serves a number of roles, including armored personnel carrier (APC) and recovery vehicle.

Class History

Before its absorption into the UNSC, most ground combat elements of the Colonial Military Administration fielded Bisons. As of 2559, the Bison remained in service with multiple UNSC Army units and local militias such as the Sedran Colonial Guard.[1]


  • Tundra Bison - Despite there being no Bisons on the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Serina designed this variant of the Bison which uses the tried-and-tested chassis as a testbed to hold a vacuum energy siphon, scientific instruments and cryotech weaponry such as the Coldsnap launcher. Isabel has looked into improving and repurposing the siphon using her own research into Forerunner vacuum cells, but found that the delicacy and intricacy of Serina's manufacturing template made it complicated to modify.[2]