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Black Cat-class subprowlers are a classification of small exfiltration ships within the UNSC. These vessels replaced the Calypso-class exfiltration craft.[2]


Designated as "sub-prowlers," they have extremely limited combat capabilities and are used mostly as exfiltration craft to escape combat situations with stealth and ease. The Black Cat-class subprowlers have Slipspace capacitor of limited use; the capacitor has enough charge for about four hours. Once the capacitor exceeded this duration, the vessel would not be able to enter slipspace.

Black Cats are routinely used on high-risk ops so that UNSC Special Forces can retreat quickly and easily. Each sub-prowler can hold approximately 38 SPARTAN-IIIs.

Operational history[]

Eight such craft were inserted for the SPARTAN-IIIs during Operation: TORPEDO, to be later used for extracting the survivors, but at the end, only one was used because only two SPARTANs, Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292, the only survivors of the engagement. The other seven were lost on planet.[3]


  • This may have been inspired by WW2's PBY Black Cat Catalinas, which flew missions destroying enemy ships or rescuing survivors of convoys which had been attacked by Japanese forces.



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