Bliss was a human outer colony.


The planet was mentioned in a lecture by Professor Ellen Anders at Rishard University, on the possibility that Bliss, Cote d'Azure, and Onyx had "large-scale engineered features," suggesting a possible presence of Forerunner structures on the planet.[1]

Human-Covenant WarEdit

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On February 13, 2526, a fleet of 45 Covenant vessels entered the system. Three UNSC ships, including the heavy cruisers UNSC Weeping Willows and UNSC Matador, as well as the frigate UNSC Purpose, engaged the Covenant fleet. The battle lasted about three minutes, and resulted in the glassing of the colony. The destruction of Bliss later led to leaders among the Outer Colonies agreeing to peace with the UNSC.[2]


After the Human-Covenant war BXR Mining set up mines all over the planet to mine silicates from the glassed surface.[3]

In 2558, a server on the colony, located deep within the Office of Naval Intelligence Subspace Communications facility was found active. An unknown source told this to Petra Janecek, to make sure that Benjamin Giraud knew about this leak. This unknown source managed to also buy 72 hours of unrestricted access within the server.[4]

Benjamin eventually got onto a freighter heading for the planet where he landed at a quarry settlement on the outskirts of the glasslands. After gearing up, he headed towards the ONI facility, traversing the remains of a city and just beating a glass storm. He would use the information from the server in his fight against the Office.[5]





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