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The Flood Blister is a small stationary flood form encountered on the Ark in 2559.[1]


The Flood Blister is a small flood form that is encountered in the Halo Wars 2 DLC, Awakening the Nightmare. It has the appearance of a large pulsing egg and is stationary. It acts as an incubation chamber for Flood Infection Forms and will violently explode and release these parasites if ground forces move too close to it or if it is damaged from range. The blister itself is made out of left over corpses or dead plants that aren't used for combat forms.

Tactics Edit

The best and most obvious way to deal with Flood Blisters is to not approach or disturb them at all since they only react when disturbed. However, if you must attack them, which you may have to in certain situations such as clearing them from blocking your route, you should always do so at as far of a range as possible.

This way your units will not be damaged by the initial explosion of the blister and you will have more time to kill the infection forms that are released before they reach your ground units.


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