• Awyman13

    Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the new Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

    Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

    • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
    • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
    • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
    • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

    Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 (Talk/Work) 03:30, May 14, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Master hornet pilot 3.0

    Well you see, Juggernauts are large amounts of Bio mass. And in the waist/torso FIFs which I consider as (Flood infection Forms) that act as tthe mind of the beast. Now the Juggernaut is in relation to the Halo ce Infected Keyes as this variation it is slightly smaller and mobile. This "form" takes more bodies but that have more important informaton. The Juggernaut is also like a mini Gravemind as it controls near by flood combat forms and when the Juggernaut dies the combat forms do as well because they were controled by a mini Gravemind and they have no new commands. This form is very hard to kill and has a berserk mode if hit enough. 

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  • Aya787

    Blog Co op update

    February 4, 2020 by Aya787

    Hey! Aya here

    So just recently I met a new friend on one of my favorite sites, dicsord who knows a lot about Halo. We quickly became good friends and I hope that he/she will co op with me. We're taking it one step at a time, but I hope for the best. I want to make more blog posts for all those who read my blogs and don't comment or don't have an account. For those of you who do I would like to ask that you leave a comment if you can, and those who don't also leave a comment and I'll still respond. I ask that when you do please please PLEASE be respectful to my friend. This is their first blog project and I hope to make it a good experience. I know this was short but it was only an update. So this is goodbye for now

    See ya!!

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  • CaptainFlowerss

    What's happening

    August 17, 2019 by CaptainFlowerss

    I've been checking articles, but why is this new format making it difficult to read or images being broken? Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer has two images broken, while of contents below listing UNSC Defense Force enlisted ranks is too hard to read because the color is terrible. It seems all wiki is facing something broken like Naruto Wiki with their template, images, etc. When will this be fixed?

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    Latest Halo News

    May 21, 2019 by SPARTANIVyt

    The Master Chief Collection for PC Beta will be delayed. It was originally supposed to have a beta released in April. It is now expected to launch after E3 in June.

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  • Morgan Kingsley


    March 26, 2019 by Morgan Kingsley

    New to this place. Don't know how long I will be here. Just decided to edit some things about mission achievements I noticed back in the day, and I will see where it slowly goes from there. I have been playing Halo on and off for the last several years, gaining and losing interest on several occasions. Probably more often than I can count. Now I am going through one of those interested phases again. I hope that Halo Infinite is good.

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  • Dab1001

    Today, voting closed on Halo Nation's community vote on whether to leave Wikia, with the final votes tallying to 13 in support, compared to 2 in opposition. As a result, Halo Nation will be leaving Wikia and merging with Halopedia!

    In the coming weeks, we will be executing the plan we laid out in our blog post, exactly as it was voted on by the community. The wiki that remains here, at, will be renamed and given a new logo and theme. Meanwhile, all of Halo Nation's content will be copied to a temporary wiki and merged into Halopedia's existing content on a case-by-case basis. For a more in-depth explanation of what will be happening, please see the plan outlined on Halopedia here, and on Halo Nation here.

    21:47, February 4, 201…

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  • Dab1001

    As we announced here two weeks ago, several members of the admin team have become quite frustrated with the actions, policies and attitudes of Fandom in recent years, prompting a lot internal discussions and planning. This has led us here: we do not think that it is a worthwhile endeavour to continue working on a wiki hosted by Fandom, which prompted us to seek a vote on whether we should migrate our community and its content to Halopedia. Below, we have outlined our proposed plans for this merger, and detailed what we believe to be the pros and cons of said plans.

    Halopedia's vote on whether or not it would accept a merger with Halo Nation has recently concluded with a vast majority in favour of accepting us. As a result, we are now ready …

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  • SpecialOperationsTrooper

    If there's anything I don't like about Halo it's the mimics. Just because the game understands the heading humanity is going towards doesn't mean you can say you are Master Chief.

    The game's clear that up for us "non-officers" serenely. In fact that's why we get to keep our officer status in whooping your butts. These tend to be the orange Spartans, the Lieutenant Deltas, and the Hyabusha kids... not the ODST ones. Everyone knows a real ODST SPARTAN.

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  • Dab1001

    For a while now, most of the Halo Nation administration, myself included, have been discontent with the changes Fandom/Wikia has been making (and intends to make) to the wikis they host, including Halo Nation. Additionally and more importantly, the decision-making process behind these changes rarely seems to include input from the users and editors of the affected wikis, and in some cases (such as with the negative reception to featured videos on Halo Nation) actively disregards such feedback. All of this, combined with the recent introduction featured videos and upcoming changes such as the removal of Forums in favour of Discussions, the domain change from to and the nebulous Unification initiative, has led us …

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