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Blood River is a Halo Wars map included in the Historic Battle map pack. It is playable on 1v1.[1] It features a forest environment with a river running through the middle, creating two choke points at an energy bridge and a natural land bridge. The map also features two bonus reactors and two bonus supply lifts.


  • A good tactic is to hold the two bridges, if you have control of them you can prevent enemy ground forces from reaching your base.
  • On the other hand, another good tactic is to rely on air units to make the two bridges irrelevant to the ensuing battle. But if the player chooses this tactic, their base is vulnerable to a large-scaled ground assault.
  • Both bases are situated on top of hills, so long range units can annihilate enemy forces coming up the hill if put in the ideal locations.
  • There are supply elevators located next to both bases, they are a good idea to garrison as they also act as a good defensive position.
  • Another good tactic is to 'block' both entrances to your base with anti-vehicle and anti-air and rely on air units. This can also be a good tactic when approaching your opponents base, but in reverse.
  • If playing as the UNSC a blitzkrieg tatic can be used with Pelicans, a scout, and a whole lot of Marines. Build up your army then send a scout to the enemy base from there don't let up until victory is yours.


  • Blood River features a Forerunner bridge similar to that seen on Terminal Moraine. However, unlike the set seen on Terminal Morine, this bridge does not shut off.
Bloodriver yaxis final

A topside view of Blood River