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The genius and talent of the artisan-armorers on Suban is only matched by their newfound avarice. Advanced Carbine that fires armor-piercing Needler shards. If multiple shards quickly strike a target they will create a "supercombine" explosion.
— Description[1]

Blood of Suban is a variant of the Type-57 Carbine utilized by the Swords of Sanghelios.

Service History[]

The rifle was created through the collaboration of the Sangheili 'Chava brothers after the formation of the Swords of Sanghelios. The rifle is used and was given its name by Swords of Sanghelios marksmen.[2]


“Growing up, Silset and Oebrin 'Chava had always shown a keen talent for optimizing instruments of war. Whether destined for the battlefield or the hunting preserves, modifications born of their expertise quickly became a favorite of other skilled warriors; customizations that oftentimes drew the ire of any San'Shyuum who might get wind of such “unsanctioned” deviations – much to the brothers’ suppressed satisfaction. Eventually, Silset accepted a commission within the Sacred Promissory, where his extensive knowledge and experience with the Subanese crystals was put to use. Oebrin took a role at Iruiru Armory, and helped drive lethal advancements in the Covenant’s Carbine and Particle Beam Rifle platforms.

When the Great Schism befell the alien empire, lines were drawn and alliances fractured. Having always been keen to see the Sangheili break free of their dependence on the treacherous Prophets, Silset and Oebrin found themselves united under the Arbiter’s leadership. Eager to use their mastery of weaponsmithing to new and more honorable ends, the brothers collaborated on a modified Carbine that would take on both the role and the soul of the brother’s homeworld and adapt key attributes of Silset’s most beloved armament, the Type-31 Needle Rifle. The result is a master-crafted arbalest that fires carefully carved Subanese crystal shards capable of penetrating armor and sympathetically detonating in lethal ‘supercombine’ explosions. Nicknamed the Blood of Suban by Swords of Sanghelios marksmen favored with its use, the rifle’s intricate firing mechanism and cunningly sharpened crystal projectiles are being reviewed for use in other weapons.”


Blood of Suban is available for use in Warzone. It can be acquired through REQ Packs and has a rarity level of Rare and consumes 4 REQ energy.