FANDOM wrote:

Character Card:-

Name: Abhineet Soren

Age: 19. (I am young soldier :D)

Gender: Male 

Equipment: Battle rifile, Spartan Laser, Assult rifile and Sniper rifile

Service Number: 33505-62190-AS

Rank: Captain. (I am young Captain :D )

Homeworld: Earth

Biography: I am Abhineet Soren. Born in New Delhi at 4th Jan 2511. I am ODST trooper. My first mission to protect Arcedia from Covenant forces. With the help of Spartans we succesfully repelled the inital covenant forces. Only in a year I became the captain due to my incredible tatics and earned a respect from the members of ODST and made me a captain. (I think I am talanted :D)

Notes: Always wear a blue ribbion (my fav color) on my lower right arm written number 2 (my fav and lucky number) and a metal bacelet labelled ODST on my lower left arm. 

Sorry I should add harvest, not Arcedia. 

My bad. Sorry ^^

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