FANDOM wrote:

Leo Fox wrote:

  • What is the meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything else?
  • What faction is best faction?
  • What character would be best represented by a pony?
  • If the UNSC had discovered Halo at an earlier date, do you think the outcome of the Human-Covenant War would have changed?
  • Which Halo game is your favorite?
  • Do you prefer Bungie or 343i running the Halo franchise.
  • How would a CCS-class Battlecrusier fair against the combined Elements of Harmony in a weaponize beam?

1. 42

2. Flood. Duh.

3. Hmm...I'm gonna go with the arbiter

4. The covenant would probably all be dead.

5. Halo: Reach

6. Bungie

7....nuclear holocaust???

'tis a poll, no right answer. (In the exception to the answer of Life, The Universe, and everything else - but we all know that it REALLY means Scootaloo is Best Pony).

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