As an administrator of the site, and therefore an example to users who are new and old to this wiki, you are not bound by trivial chat policy to help protect your unacceptable behaviour. You are an example, and therefore if you perform actions and act in such a way that is degratory to the wiki and it's ethos you are undermining the hard work other admins are doing in order to set a good example. You can not rely on chat policy, which is designed for the common user not administrators, to protect yourself in times where the community finds your actions questionable. As an administrator you are expected to behave within a reasonable manor on the chat without the need of policies to guide you (after all, we are the individuals who write them) - if you can not act in a way that is expected of you, and that you need policy to dictate your actions, then you are not fit to be an administrator, it's as simple as that.

As per your referral to outdated policies which no longer conform to the communities expectations or mode of editing, had you maintained communications with the administration, you would understand that the admin group would like to review all our policies as a whole in order to update them after months of neglect since the parting of Halopedia. This is a community vote with a discussion, users may vote on their opinion or discuss and question it further, as some users have already. Being as we don't have a policy for demoting inactive and questionable bureaucrats, this is the next best way of allowing the community to have their say.

As for your activity. Even during your "prime" you have hardly been an active admin. You have been part of Halo Nation for 6 years now, and have amassed only 750 edits, that's an average of 2.4 edits a week; a feat expected of a normal user in a day! I personally do not believe that you are knowledgeable enough in the use of wikia features and editing to conform to the high expectation of readers and the community - merely relying on how long of have been here and the merits of others work in order to progress to where you are, and still attempt to maintain your hold on it.

Finally, answer this question. Do you believe after your several months of inactivity, lack of communication with both the community and it's administration, and your lack of knowledge of what the community expects, that you are fit to persist being an administrator and bureaucrat; where you will be expected to take a more proactive role in updating and fixing areas of the wiki which are lacking full functionality? Or will you simply resuming having your rights, and just have a lack-luster approach of "if it's working a little, leave it"?

An administrator, you are an example, yes, the embodiment of what is expected of the wikia - and I have admitted the incorrectness of my actions and the failure to preform to expectations set by the Administration - but you are entirely missing the point of the rules: the rules encompass /all users/ and are always applicable to be invoked as a means of defense or offense in all circumstances. Such is the rules.

As an administrator and a Bureaucrat on the Halo Nation wikia, I will admit that my conduct here is occasionally lacking and activity far more so; and admittedly, my contact with my fellow administrators has been extremely sporadic at the very best. To answer your question, upon review of my commitments both in life and on the web, I've chosen an easier approach than fighting a demotion and forcing the community to go through the fight for a demotion: my resignation from a long honorable service with the Halo Nation administration is in order, as well as my retirement from Halo Nation onto greener pastures.

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