Strong Oppose Oppose - I spearheaded the effort to cease the useage of the Message board here on Halo Nation over a year ago. I've used the system on other sites, and it has not progressed much more from the way it is: it is still clunky, you still get notified when responces to your messages are sent: even if they do not pertain to you. They are essentially blogs on talkpages.

T3CH, with due respect to your proposal, new users come to Halo Nation and they are expected to learn and integrate themselves into the systems in place here - we should not be modifying the system for the sole purpose of making it easier for new users to send messages. The talk page system is adequate - if not superior for this, as it allows for neater conversations with the ':' functions and the usage of custom signitures. More to that, new users need to learn to use basic wiki fonts and coding for articles they will be editing - talk pages are one place they can learn to utilize it better.

Even making it an option for some users to take or not take, you said yourself in your proposal that you are unsure about if or if not notifications will still show up: if so, this breaks the system as communications between users will be lost.

Effectively, I am very strongly against this proposal, for I feel it is detrimental to this Wikia and the effectiveness of discussions for users and articles. I feel the community needs to give this a long, hard and in depth look before making a call either way. I have - and I maintain my stance from the decision I and the community previously made to keep this wikia abomination off this wiki.

Thank you for your time,

Rainbow_Dash.pngRainbow Dash (Talk)(Contribs)   23:03, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

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