T3CHNOCIDE wrote: Hmm. I'm remaining a neutral party in this and only created this proposal to gain community opinion. As expected there is a clear divide in the community over the matter. I agree with those who oppose the message walls, talk pages are significantly more visually appealing and allow the use of Wiki special texts. However, I disagree with Leo's assumption that the wiki should be difficult to use for users in order to integrate them. You do not integrate users by making the wiki hard to use, you scare them off. The message wall is a simple method of communication for users new to the wiki which in turn allows for more efficient mentoring and correction of new user edits.

I never said it should be more difficult for new users to learn to use the wikia, nor was an assumption made on my part of that nature. Please don't put words in my mouth or state as such, especially given the content of my message. The wiki, the way it is now, is still the way it was from the time of its inception. There is no reason to change what works adequately - or in the case of the talkpage as it is currently, very well. There is no way to make using the wiki harder to use at this time; and as it stands, using the wiki is not difficult. We expect new users to put in some legwork though to learn to use the wiki and to use the wikia coding. Case in point, they need to learn somewhere and talkpages are there as well to use. This is how you get them to integrate into the community: though ability to communicate while practicing using MediaWiki code, edit pages and become successful contributors. The message wall is an ugly feature that will not aid in new user's learning to use the site.

MeswakSafari 1265 wrote: User:Leo Fox said: "New users need to learn to use basic wiki fonts and coding for articles they will be editing - talk pages are the one place they can learn to utilise it better". I see that you have overlooked the Sandbox page.

I also overlooked mentioning any other page with an 'Edit' button, because new users can make changes to see how code works here and improve them, and believed it to be self-explainatory.

Rainbow_Dash.pngRainbow Dash (Talk)(Contribs)   00:46, July 19, 2013 (UTC)

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