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Kind regards,<br>
Kind regards,<br>
{{Eximg||link=}}{{Eximg||link=}} 13:37, September 14, 2013 (UTC) <ac_metadata title="Proposal: Move Back to Message Walls" notify_everyone="1373806797"> </ac_metadata>
{{Eximg||link=}}{{Eximg||link=}}<ac_metadata title="Proposal: Move Back to Message Walls" notify_everyone="1373806797"> </ac_metadata>

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Hello there fellow Wikians,

Halo Nation currently utilises the talk page system, which has a prerequisite requirement that users understand the mechanics of using talk pages - e.g. know how to title and sign their messages, and what is an acceptable layout. This makes it difficult for new users and anonymous users who are not familiar with talk pages or standard wiki expectations. So I propose that we return to talk pages which auto sign messages, and will not allow a message to be posted without a title. This will prevent people having to go into the history file of their talk page to find out who had posted the message, and having to edit their talk page to correct anon/new user mistakes.

For those who don't like the message wall and still want to keep on talk pages, it's possible to retain your talk page and redirect your message wall to you. Though I will admit I am not sure if the notifications will still pop up. For those unfamiliar with message walls, they are very similar to forums in terms of their set out. They have the user's avatar along with a title input box and message input box.

This forum can be used as a discussion, or to show your support/opposition to the proposal through adding Support Support {{Support}} or Oppose Oppose {{Oppose}}.

Kind regards,

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