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New Alexandria's civilian concourses provide access to rapid transit and views of Reach's serene vistas.[1]

Boardwalk is a multiplayer map in Halo: Reach.[2] The map is set in an urban plaza in the city of New Alexandria and is near a MagLev Train line. The plaza has many scorch marks, craters, and damaged wall fragments due to Covenant attack and the sky displays bursts of anti-air rounds and flak explosions. The map's ambient sounds contain gunfire and explosions.


  • Abyss
  • Cafe Hall
  • Cafe Square
  • Upper Courtyard
  • Skybridge
  • Courtyard
  • Service Tunnels
  • Visitor Center
  • Ocean View
  • Courtyard Balcony
  • Rest Stop 1st Floor
  • Rest Stop 2nd Floor
  • Rest Stop Balcony
  • Overlook
  • Make Out Point


Image Location
Plasma Launcher Plasma Launcher: At the bottom of the man made waterfall that's part of the Overlook in the Service Tunnels
Designated Marksman Rifle DMR: A DMR spawns leaning up against a wall at the top of the Upper Courtyard, near the red hallway
HaloReach M45 Tactical Shotgun Shotgun: A Shotgun spawns leaning up against a wall near the three poled flag under one of the windows of the Rest Stop 2nd Floor in the Courtyard
Plasma Repeater Plasma Repeater: A Plasma Repeater spawns in the Cafe Hall, near one of the cafe doors and one of the unusable side doors
HaloReach - M6G Magnum: A Magnum spans in the blue tunnel directly under the Overlook and close to where Abyss is in the Upper Courtyard. A second Magnum spawns in the blue hall across from the first Magnum spawn, under the bridge between the Visitor Center and the Skybridge.


While never spawned in on Matchmaking, there are two spawnable vehicles in Forge on Boardwalk: the Ghost and Mongoose.


  • Jet Packs allow for easy ascent up the multitude of stories without having to locate a flight of stairs and head up the way that could be guarded by opponents.
  • The sniper area provides good cover from players on the low ground as well as the back. Snipe a few players, then move. If someone has a DMR and they're targeting you, retreat and snipe from another location.
  • The red team (or players colored in reddish armor for the matter) can use the trees on the map as a "Sniper nest" by climbing into them, the red hue on their armor blends in perfectly.
  • There are many different locations that a camper can perch to get an unfair advantage over opposing Zombie players:
    • The tallest pole of the Three-Sided Flag in the center of the courtyard.
    • The windowsill to the right of the map (if you are at the end facing the waterfall at the bottom of the center stairs).
    • The various awning pillars that stick out the top.
    • Behind the glass barricade/railing at the back left-hand corner of the map (if facing the waterfall behind the center stairs).
    • A slope at the top of the building that forms one side of the courtyard and is directly above the courtyard patio.


  • If you get near or past the kill barrier on the map, the door frames outside of the map are filled with a solid wall of gray instead of a door.
  • The map is a transitioning area for travelers. The blue team spawn is a rest house by the train (including two bathrooms), which leads into a courtyard with maintenance tunnel access. The back building appears to be a closed-off visitor center or mall. The left side building is the city council.
  • Boardwalk is featured at the beginning of the campaign level Exodus where Noble Six entered the city.
    • On the right side of the map, facing the Overlook/Visitor center, the broken rail that Noble Six jumps down from in Exodus can be seen.