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The Storm-MCs Helmet

The boat. Its stern resembles a MJOLNIR Mark VI helmet.

In Halo 3, on the level The Storm, there is a large boat on the lake bed in the area where the player has to destroy the Scarab and AA Wraiths. The boat is beached on the bottom of the lake bed due to the Covenant's excavation of the Ark's Portal. The digging has caused the lake's water to drain, leaving the boat stuck.


To get in the ship, the player needs to be in Co-Op. Have one player in a Ghost. Then go up the ramp the player came from. Look to the left, and there will be a lamp. To the right of the lamp, there is a gap. Position the Ghost so that it can boost out the hole towards the ship. The player must jump on the Ghost and get their partner to boost out the hole. About halfway to the ship, they must jump off the Ghost. If they jumped at the right time, the Ghost's speed should have kept them going so they land on the ship. There is an easier way to see this Easter Egg, one can just need to go to the theater, press Y so they can move freely and get into the boat with the camera. And as another way, one can use the Flying Dumpster Glitch, which may lead them to the ship.



Pimps at Sea poster

  • In one of the galleys is a fuzzy poster of someone in an old colonial uniform from the 1700s.
  • "Pimps at Sea" was also on display when Bungie played an earlier version of Halo 3 online, while still in the testing phase. The early testing phase of Halo 3 was codenamed "Pimps at Sea" and it is a long running joke within the Bungie studio that the developer would one day make a game of the same name.
  • If viewed from behind, the ships stern bears a resemblance to Master Chief's Mark VI helmet. Whether this is intentional or not has not yet been confirmed.
  • The poster also has the caption "Shiek of the Sea." This is a reference to Bungie worker Shi Kai Wang, who runs by the nickname, Shiek.