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Bouncing, also known as ricocheting, is the act of using one weapon's concussive force to push a projectile or grenade off course. It can be used to get a little extra distance from a grenade, throw a rocket off course, or spin a surprise shot around a corner. While there is a great deal of skill and knowledge of the weapons involved required, the effects of a good bounce are always rewarding to the bouncers and utterly confusing to the enemy. The common choice for a bouncer is plasma grenades, as they have a longer fuse and thus are easier to aim with. rocket-grenade combinations will see a grenade tossed and the rocket fired after a few seconds, aimed a few degrees to the right or left, depending on the desired effect.

When bouncing defensively, a frag grenade can be used to knock plasma grenades away. Rockets, due to their high speed and instant detonation, are the most useful in this role, able to knock other rockets or even frag grenades aside, but with the potential downside of killing oneself in the process. The gravity hammer is best, as it produces a shockwave that will not harm the bouncer.

An easy way to deflect rockets is using the Plasma Grenade, due to its time delay, it gives the appropriate time to shoot the rocket afterwards. However, the grenade has to be thrown close to the user, or else the timing is off. The rocket fired will have a variety of effects, ranging to going towards the player, or soaring out of the map.


  • Bounce a grenade around a corner in a hallway to shock campers
  • Throw a grenade in a rockets path to knock it away
  • Sniping around the corner
  • Using a Gravity Hammer's blast to knock away incoming rockets or grenades.