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Bravo 001[1] was a UNSC Pelican attached to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in August 2552.

Operational history[]

Fall of Reach[]

Main article: Fall of Reach

At some point during the Fall of Reach, Bravo 001 was flown by an unnamed female pilot who transported Red Team to the Aszod ship breaking yards. It became lost and a radio operator callsigned Golden Arrow who advised her to land near some woodlands to evade the Covenant.[2]

Bravo 001 was flown by Flight Officer Mitchell. It was assigned to transport the Spartan IIs down to the surface of Reach during the Covenant attack and its aft section was stripped down to accommodate the twenty seven Spartans of Red Team. It was escorted by a group of Longswords led by Knife 26.[citation needed]

Bravo 001 came under attack by two formations of Seraph fighters. Its cockpit decompressed and then exploded resulting in its destruction, killing the pilot, Mitchell, but Joshua-029 managed to slow the ship enough for the Spartans to jump out of it, though with heavy casualties (four Spartans were killed in the initial jump, including Malcolm-059), before Bravo 001 crashed into the Military Wilderness Training Preserve, breaking into several pieces on impact.[3][4]


  • You can see the remains of Bravo 001 in the Halo: Reach multiplayer map Highlands. It has a radio still emitting from the cockpit, but what it says has not yet been identified.
  • Bravo 001 was also mentioned in the Breakpoint radio conversation.


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