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Breath of Annihilation is a CAS-class assault carrier fielded by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant in the post-war era.[5]


During the Battle of Aktis IV Breath of Annihilation and another CAS-class assault carrier were hidden under an ocean of unknown substance, preventing the UNSC Infinity from detecting the two ships. Jul 'Mdama had planned to use the carriers to retake the other half of the Janus Key. However, after the Pelican that was shot down by Sali 'Nyon's artillery guns, the shipmaster of the Breath of Annihilation ordered the vessel and its battlegroup to break cover and attack UNSC forces on the surface of the planet; against the express command of Jul 'Mdama.[5] The Covenant ships then emerged and launched their attack against the UNSC forces.



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