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UNSC Bridge floor sign

The bridge[1] is a UNSC term for the command center of a ship. Normally, this is where the commanding officer resides while in command of the ship and where the bridge officers control the ship's vital functions, such as navigational work, weapons, communications, and monitoring the status of the ship's systems. Various screens and scanners are used to monitor the ship's surroundings; starships that don't possess viewports use external cameras to get a view of the space outside the ship. The bridge of UNSC spacecraft is usually located at the ship's bow. A ship's bridge is sometimes represented by a red star.[2]

The parallel Covenant term is "Control Room."[citation needed]


Lambda PatternEdit

The UNSC Port Stanley had a Lambda-pattern bridge.[3]

Epsilon PatternEdit

The UNSC Iroquois featured an Epsilon-pattern bridge. This layout pattern had an increased field of view.[4]

Omega PatternEdit


The Pillar of Autumn 's bridge with Captain Jacob Keyes in the foreground.

The bridge of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn was an Omega-pattern layout.[5] There was a large domed viewport at the front of the room which looks out into space. This was evidently meant to be armored before the Autumn's mission but there hadn't been time. The navigation and helm control officers were suspended in this dome. There were six consoles which lined the sides of the room, and two in the center. The captain or commander of the ship stands before a large tactical map which can provide a series of important pieces of information. The holotank for the ship's AI was also located near the captain's station.[2] At the time of its arrival in the Soell system, the Autumn 's bridge was manned by fourteen officers.[citation needed]


System Description
Helm Control The Pillar of Autumn is piloted by two helm control officers which sit suspended in the ship's domed viewport.[2] These officers are presumably responsible for steering the ship at sublight speeds and executing slipspace transitions.
Lifepod Control There is a console located at the front-left side of the Bridge marked 'LPOD'.[2] The ship's lifepod operations were likely coordinated from this station.
Tactical The Pillar of Autumn had three tactical stations located in various positions.[2] These consoles were responsible for controlling and maintaining the ship's weapon systems. Auto-cannons, Archer Missile Pods, the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon and Shiva nukes are launched and controlled by the two tactical officers.
Engineering There were two consoles in the Autumn's bridge marked "ENG."[2] They are probably the equivalent of Operations consoles. The ship's nuclear fusion reactors and other engineering functions are maintained here.
Communications There were two consoles marked "COM."[2] Likely the ship's communications systems are operated here.

Unknown PatternsEdit

UNSC FrigatesEdit

H2A CinematicRender InAmberClad-Interior1

The bridge of In Amber Clad.

The bridge of the UNSC frigate UNSC In Amber Clad was considerably smaller than that of the Pillar of Autumn, indicative of its smaller size. It was physically located at the top of the ship and also had a viewport which looked into space. The commanding officer sat in a chair, in front of which were the tactical and navigation consoles. There were several other stations behind these three, but they were not manned at the time of its arrival at Installation 05.[6]

Orbital Defense PlatformsEdit

H2A Cutscene CairoStationBridge

The bridge of Cairo Station.

The bridge of the Orbital Defense Platform Cairo Station dwarfs most ship bridges. Its ceiling is covered by large windows allowing an unobstructed view of space. There were two raised platforms on either side which overlooked the many consoles below. Like the Pillar of Autumn, there was a tactical map located at one side where the station's CO stands. Its large size was presumably because it was designed not only to control the station's systems, but also to coordinate large-scale operations.[7]

UNSC Spirit of FireEdit


The bridge of the Spirit of Fire.

The UNSC Spirit of Fire featured a large bridge. On a raised platform in the rear of the bridge was a holo-table.[8][9]

UNSC InfinityEdit


The bridge of the Infinity.

The UNSC Infinity had one of the largest ship bridges. It featured a holo-table in the center of the bridge. Many of the stations were on raised platforms surrounding the holo-table. A large view port sat at one end.[10]


Covenant BattlecruisersEdit

Orna elite

Lat 'Ravamee on station in the Truth and Reconciliation's control room.

The control room of the Covenant cruiser Truth and Reconciliation is far more cavernous than its human analogues and appears to require far less controlling crew. It consists of a large room, within which is an "aesthetically barren" raised platform which is surrounded by transparent holographic displays and two larger displays mounted on one of the walls. Only the Shipmaster was present on the platform when John-117's incursion happened. Physically, it was located deep within the ship; a far more logical placement than the exposed bridges of many UNSC ships.

Covenant assault carriersEdit

Ark Secret Room2

Bridge of the assault carrier Shadow of Intent.

The command center of the CAS-class assault carrier Shadow of Intent is far larger than that of Truth and Reconciliation, having two levels with multiple control stations. In the center lies a massive holotank. The bridge also has a hovering command chair for the ship's commander.[11][12]

However, the bridge of the carrier Clarity of Faith appears to be near-identical to that of Truth and Reconciliation.[13]

Covenant corvettesEdit

The bridge of a Covenant corvette is cavernous and mostly circular in general shape. Like the command centers of other Covenant vessels, the corvette's bridge has multiple stations from which the ship's various functions are controlled. In the center is a large, circular holotank. Noticeable features not shared by other Covenant vessels are the bridge's placement next to the dorsal exterior hull and its massive windows.[14]




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