The Brilliant Gift was a Covenant Spirit dropship. During the Battle of Installation 04, Brilliant Gift was captured by the Flood and became a transport to spread its infection to the Fleet of Particular Justice orbiting over Alpha Halo.

Operational historyEdit

The Brilliant Gift's mission before it was captured is unknown. After the Flood was released, they somehow managed to commandeer the ship and leave Alpha Halo towards the Fleet of Particular Justice. The dropship headed towards the Agricultural Support Ship, the Infinite Succor.[1]

Despite the command crew's orders to the contrary, the dropship crash landed into the Infinite Succor's hangar and was irreparably damaged, killing some of the Covenant crewmen stationed there.[1] However, it ultimately did not matter since the Flood killed most of the witnesses and soon spread throughout the Infinite Succor, infecting the entire crew and the creatures in the hunting ground except for the Legate.[1] One of the most notable combatants in the battle was Rtas 'Vadumee, Spec Ops Commander and later Fleetmaster.

The dropship was likely destroyed when the Infinite Succor made a slipspace jump into the star Soell.


  • It is to be noted that the Flood were infected human combat forms armed with human weapons and not Covenant. They were likely members of the former Fireteam Charlie who, along with Captain Jacob Keyes, were attacked by the Flood.
  • It should be obviously noted that the Spirit's name, "Brilliant Gift," is meant to be directly ironic to its role in the Halo: Graphic Novel: It brings the Flood onto Infinite Succor, which leads to the death of nearly everyone on board.



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