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The Bullfrogs was a nickname given to a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers specializing in the use of jetpacks. During the Fall of Reach, they were stationed at New Alexandria, where they helped SPARTAN-B312 capture an executive landing pad for use in the evacuation.[1]


  • As elements of the ODSTs themselves are inspired by the soldiers in Starship Troopers, it is likely that the Bullfrogs are inspired by the novel as well, since the troopers in it make extensive use of jetpacks.
  • Despite being trained in the use of jetpacks, if a Bullfrog falls off a platform he will make no attempt to jump back up to safety, thus falling to his death. Because of this, it is not unusual for a player to have lost half of their fire team to falling by the end of the mission. Similarly, as the Bullfrogs follow a set course of jumps, they often jump into large groups of Covenant forces and are quickly killed.
  • If a player were to somewhat recreate the armor of a Bullfrog, they would need the ODST base helmet, GUN/GNIR knee guards, UA/ODST chest plate, ODST shoulder guards, Steel as the primary color, Silver as the secondary color, the blue visor, a UA/NxRA utility, and they would have to exclusively use the jetpack when available. Actual Bullfrog's have a NxRA on each hip, and wear ODST helmets with hardened uplink modules, however neither of these can be obtained in the armory.

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