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Burgundy, also referred to as Stickybeak, was a Pelican pilot of the UNSC Red Horse.[1] She accompanied Sergeant LopezHospital Corpsman Benti and others on a classified mission to the Installation 04's debris field.


When the Red Horse's AI, Rebecca, picked up a signal coming from an unidentified escape pod, drifting around Installation 04's debris. When Seargant Lopez, the leader of Burgundy's marine squad, opened it, an unidentified man was uncovered surrounded by blood, only referred to as John Doe. The man mumbled words about the currently unknown presence of the Flood aboard the ship he came from, the Mona Lisa.

Burgundy and the others then received an order by the Red Horse's commander, Tobias Foucault, to board the Mona Lisa, unaware of the Flood running about the ship. She piloted the Pelican that brought her marine squad aboard the ship to investigate what happened, and why the ship was drifting with no sign of activity. When they boarded the Mona Lisa, Burgundy stayed behind in case of the need of immediate evacuation.

Lopez ordered a portion of her marines--Cranker, Maller, Simmons, and Sydney--to stay on guard duty with the Pelican and Burgundy. Soon after Lopez and the remaining marines left in search of a missing marine, the Flood appeared. The infected forms launched a fierce attack against the marines guarding the Pelican, abducting or killing them all, leaving Burgundy alone inside. She had examined the aftermath of the firefight with the limited view of the visual sensors of the Pelican, but didn't see the attackers or the missing marines. The only thing she could see was Cranker's abandoned assault rifle with its flashlight still on, empty bullet casings, and an elite corpse being abruptly dragged into the darkness by an unknown force.

When she saw the badly wounded marines outside, she lowered the bay door to show the dimly lit, infected forms of Cranker and Maller. She did not know of their infection as she opened the door to let them in. Learning the horrible truth too late, she was severely wounded with a broken arm, but was not infected and was harshly brought to the engine room to be assimilated.


Later, Benti, Clarence, Henry, and Rimmer saw Burgundy being dragged toward the mass of Flood organisms to be enveloped, when Benti tossed two primed grenades at the mass destroying the Flood growth, the engines, and Burgundy.