CAA Heavy Burden (HCS: CFM-88) was a human Springhill-class mining vessel formerly in use by the Colonial Military Administration.[1]

Operational HistoryEdit

After the start of the Human-Covenant war, the ship was taken by the UNSC and re-purposed as a support vessel. The ship was damaged during the Battle of Kholo. In an attempt to flee, the Heavy Burden tried a slingshot maneuver. This failed, with the vessel slowly being torn apart in the gravity well of a gas giant.[1]



While the ship was initially outfitted with mining machinery and industrial equipment for its peacetime purpose, at the time of the Battle of Kholo, it had enough equipment to not only deploy ordnance but to manufacture it on-site. An example of this is the HRUNTING Mark II [D] Exoskeleton under construction on one of the vessel's starboard decks. The vessel was extremely large, even by military standards, with most of its tonnage in its forward decks over which the bridge was located. Two additional decks were located above either side of the rear engines.[2]





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